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Member/Family Satisfaction Team

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Voice and Vision teams interview people receiving services from the Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol, or Developmental Disability system to ascertain if those services are meeting people's needs. Delaware County Officials use this information we gather to help them evaluate the quality of services and make improvements where needed.

Field Staff Specialists (trained interviewers) with lived experience offer the opportunity for people to share their voice through surveys, interviews and focus groups. Each survey or focus group concentrates on at least some of the following categories: quality of life, perception of service delivery, satisfaction with services and supports, community integration, access, choice, dreams of the future, participation in developing goals/plans, resiliency, recovery, relationships, what's working well and recommendations for improvements.

Delaware County's M/FST (Member/Family Satisfaction Team) conduct interviews and focus groups with youth, adults and families receiving mental health and drug & alcohol services.

Delaware County's M/FST emphasizes the following principles in all their activities:


every person has value and has the right to be heard and listened to


every person can achieve a life of meaning and purpose


every person brings strengths that they use to live out their dreams and face challenges in their life


good treatment and support begins with identifying a person's strengths and vision of the future. For the system, discovering what works can improve services and supports more than focusing on what doesn't work

Person & Family Driven:

people know best what works for themselves and/or their family member


health and wellness is best achieved when all the areas of a person's life is supported (mind, body, spirit, soul)

Another component of Advocacy Services is education. We provide information to families and individuals about how to access resources and navigate the behavorial health (mental health and drug & alcohol) or developmental disability system. At times and in certain circumstances, we can offer advocacy services to individuals and families, so their individual needs are addressed.

Please email Susan Benzie for more information about Delaware County's M/FST services: susanb@voiceandvisioninc.org

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